Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happily Ever After...For Today

Well, reality came pounding at my door today.  My husband called in sick to work because he has a bad head cold.  (He teaches music, and it is admittedly difficult to talk or sing when you can't breathe!)  So he was in bed trying to sleep most of the morning.  My youngest, Aaron, who is two years old and still in diapers got bit by the same stomach bug that got my five year old over the weekend.  Fortunately there was no puking, but I changed at least twelve dirty diapers between yesterday morning and bedtime tonight.  Ugh.  I got an email from my son's kindergarten teacher saying I had missed my parent-teacher conference yesterday and could I make it up today.  (I was absolutely sure it was supposed to be tomorrow.  Oops!)  I arrived at the school only to find that the teacher was at a doctor's appointment.  Sigh.  After a thorough tour of the classroom by my son,  I headed back home only to learn later that I had missed the teacher by only a few minutes.  Her appointment had taken a little longer than she expected, and she arrived back at the school about five minutes after we left.  The custom cabinet that we ordered for our bathroom was due to arrive today, ten days after the original delivery date, but for the second time didn't come.  (Keep in mind that we ripped the old one out the FIRST day the new one was supposed to be ready.)  And to top the day off, my two youngest -- the "babies," as I like to call them -- took extra long naps and weren't ready to go back to bed until nearly 11:00 this evening.  Not a fairytale day by a long shot.

But do you know what?  I'm sitting here at 11:15 with a smile in my heart.  (I'm too tired to have a smile on my face.)  Because, in spite of it all, today was a pretty good day.  I got to have extra snuggle time with my baby boy because he wasn't feeling well.  My daughter, whose one goal in life is to grow up and be a princess, insisted on wearing a "beautiful red dress" most of the day and she was so precious in it.  My big boys both had great days at school and because my husband isn't feeling well I got to spend the last half hour of their day with them, reading with them and saying their good-night prayers. (That is usually his privilege.)  And last night, right before we turned off the lamp to go to sleep after an incredibly long day, my husband turned to me and said, "I have to say, your attitude about today has been amazingly good."  I'm so often a crab after days like that, but yesterday I decided not to be that way.  And he noticed.  Which made it all worth it, and it made me want to do it again today.  It feels good to be happy.  Sort of like the end of a good fairytale...

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