Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I think I'm supposed to be a screenwriter.  Whenever I contemplate life, it plays through my mind like it's in the middle of some movie, only the movie version is always better than the real life version.  Take, for instance, my husband's and my latest home improvement project.  We've spent the first two days of Spring Break updating our living room.  If we were really in a movie, the entire project would have been completed in about ten minutes, and there would have been at least one chase around the room that involved getting paint on one another amid much giggling and would have ended with a long, passionate kiss.  After being interrupted by the children, we would have resumed painting and ended the day with a gorgeous, redecorated living room.

Instead, here we are two days into the project and only two of the six walls are actually painted.  Understand that they've been stripped of their 1960's wallpaper, sanded, patched, sanded again, cleaned, primed and then painted.  We chose a rich color of brown that is called "Picked Acorn," although it looks more like a delicious wave of milk chocolate.  We'll work on the trim in the weeks to come, but for now we're happy to have brown walls.  There have been no giggly chases around the room, and we are too exhausted to display much passion, but we have the beginnings of a beautiful new living room.

The transformation has been so exciting.  The walls used to be covered in a gaudy, gold and cream wallpaper, and heavy gold/green drapes hung on three walls.  When we're finished, we hope to have beautiful brown walls with cranberry colored curtains and accents.  The walls are not perfect, as they are old plaster walls that needed more refinishing than we could muster, but they are still lovely.  I can't wait to see it once it's all finished!

It kind of reminds me a little of a life given to Jesus.  Something old and ugly can be made beautiful again.  Oh, it's a whole lot of work, and it sure isn't a simple process.  It certainly won't be finished overnight!  And once the transformation is complete, there will still be flaws and failures.  But the finished product...Oh, it is lovely indeed!  And what a passionate, determined heavenly Father we have, to keep working on us so relentlessly, smoothing out the imperfections and fixing the messes we create.  

Sometimes it's hard for me to see myself as "lovely."  Sometimes all I see are the flaws.  But looking at my imperfect newly painted walls reminded me that I don't have to be absolutely perfect to be lovable.  In spite of my flaws, my husband, my friends, my family and even God love me.  They can see my blemishes and still say of me, "she is lovely."  I may not be a movie star -- and my life will never be a screenplay -- but I can rest in the knowledge that because I have been transformed by the blood of Christ, I am beautiful.  

And so are you, dear sister.  Let the blood of Christ cover you like a fresh coat of paint.  Only it doesn't just cover up the ugliness beneath, it gets rid of it.  Let Him make you new and beautiful, and rest in the knowledge that you ARE gorgeous and lovable.  Sure, you've got flaws...we ALL do!  But in the hands of our Creator, you are still lovely.  Let it sink in and really believe it.  Go ahead...and enjoy the transformation!

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