Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Hero

"Like a knight in shining armor, from a long time ago.  Just in time I will save the day, take you to my castle far away..."

Ahh, I used to love the group "Chicago," and that song was one of my favorites.  As a young teeny-bopper (or pre-teen, I guess they're called now) I used to dream about the day that my own "knight in shining armor" would come and sweep me off my feet and carry me away to a blissful forever.  *Happy Sigh*  And now the daydreams of a young girl have morphed into the reality of a 30-something mother of four.  While I would never sentence my husband to carrying me anywhere, he is truly my night in shining armor.   And before you gag, let me explain...

My husband and I got married before he finished college.  And while he didn't have all the details of his future hammered out when we got married, he sure didn't expect to finish his graduate degree with two children at home, or to realize ten years into marriage that the career dreams he once had were unattainable without some major changes.  He never wanted to teach high school and certainly never planned on teaching junior high!  But here we are, in a small town in Kansas, and after eight years of music ministry he is now teaching junior high and high school vocal music.   He is taking online classes to obtain his teaching certification, and right now his dream of teaching music at a university seems, at the least, distant.  But he works hard at what he does and he does it well.   But why?  Why does he work so hard to do something that he never dreamed of doing?

For me.  And for the kids.  He does it all for us.  Oh, he gets a good deal of satisfaction out of his work, too, but mostly he does it because it earns the paycheck that puts a roof over our heads and food on our table.  And he does it (mostly) without complaining.   And in between preparing lessons, rehearsing singers and studying for his online classes, he finds time to read to our four kids and play with them, help with the dishes and laundry, and even have a little quiet time with me.  Wow.  Husband, father, teacher, student...that's quite a few roles for one man to fill.

Oh, and did I forget the role of defender?  Ah, yes...I must tell you about the time he rose to defend my honor.  You see, I was being criticized pretty harshly by someone and he didn't think that was quite right.  So he drew his sword, picked up his shield and headed into battle on my behalf.  The clanging of swords rang out as harsh words clashed on the battleground.  Soon Scott claimed victory as the offender fled the scene.  Of course, in situations like that no one really, truly wins, as both warriors are left battered and bruised.  But Scott, my defender, stood a little taller in my eyes that night.  I felt safe and loved and treasured.  I was worth going to battle for.  I became a princess that night and Scott became my knight in shining armor.  

I'm so grateful for my husband and the life he makes possible for us.  I'm so thankful that he chooses to love us more than a career, more than the dreams he once had.  (We will still work toward those dreams, by the way, it will just take him a little longer than he anticipated to attain them!)  And I feel fortunate to be married to my prince, my knight.  Truly, the stuff fairy tales are made of...

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