Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Days Like Today...

I'm sitting on my porch this afternoon, enjoying the quietness of the day.  My two little ones are sound asleep, and my two big boys are still off at school.  The birds are chirping, the wind is rustling through the trees...only an occasional truck rumbling down the road interrupts this beautiful afternoon.  It's the kind of day that just makes me sigh with happiness.  I wish I could store up days like today and pull them out again when it's cloudy and cold, and I'm crabby and sour-faced.  I'm sure my children and husband wish I could do that, too!

Days like today really make me appreciate what I've got.  Contentment overflows and I have a heart full of praise for the One who has blessed me so richly.  Days like today help me forget -- if only for a moment or an hour --  that the budget is beyond tight, that there are parts of my "castle" that are in desperate need of attention and that my youngest child refuses to be potty-trained.  Days like today remind me that happiness is not about having the big house, the perfect yard or a huge bank balance.  It's about sensing God's presence, knowing that He is still in control, and in recognizing the good gifts He gives us.  Gifts like a beautiful blue Kansas sky and a garden that is actually growing.  Gifts like little shoes strewn across my living room -- shoes that fit the feet of the four small people God has blessed my life with.  Or the smell of yeast wafting from my kitchen as the bread raises.  Ah, yes.  I am truly blessed.  Today and every day.  But days like today help me remember.

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings.  Thank you for days like today that remind me to delight in You.  Thank you for peace and contentment, even in the midst hard times.  I praise Your name, O Lord, for Your love endures forever!  Amen.

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