Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary, My Love

Fourteen years.  Today marks fourteen years that Scott and I have been married.

We've traveled a lot of roads in fourteen years.  Not all of them easy.  Or fun.  Or even close to romantic.  But we've traveled them together, and that's what matters the most.

We've survived four pregnancies, the last of which included an eleven-week bed rest.  (Vacation for me, not so much for Scott...)  We've lived in eight different homes, in four different states.  We've been through eight years of ministry together, a year or two of telemarketing, and now four years of teaching.  Mixed in with that came a graduate degree and teaching certification.  Not to mention the four kiddos we're trying to raise.

We've lived through times when we thought we were poor and times when we really were.

We've weathered the loss of a grandparent.

We've comforted each other through the heartache of moving 650 miles from our best friends.

We've laughed ourselves silly over the most ridiculous things.

We've said "I'm sorry" at least a million times.

We've looked into each others' eyes and said, "I love you no matter what," and meant it.

But most of all, we've learned to look to Jesus regardless of what kind of road we're on.  We've learned to look to Him as our source of joy, of comfort, of strength.  And we've learned that, with Christ as our center, fourteen years is only the beginning.


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