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Garlic Jalapeno Dill Pickles

It's time for a little...

I don't usually post recipes on My Heart.

Not that I'm opposed to recipes; I quite enjoy trying out something new once in a while.  I'm just not the creative type that can come up with these new scrumptious ideas every week.  Nor do I have the time or money in my budget to test out new ideas and ingredients.

BUT...I wanted to share something with you today that my family has grown to love and look forward to each summer:


And not just any pickles.


Ok, to be honest, I didn't come up with the recipe on my own.  Not even close.  I borrowed it from a friend.

But they're REALLY good, so I got her permission to share it with you.

I started making pickles about five summers ago when I planted my first garden.  I learned right away that cucumbers are SUPER EASY to grow...and the plants usually produce a LOT of cucumbers!  (Just watch out for those HOLES hiding under the vines...they can be dangerous! Don't believe me?  Read HERE about my experience!)  And then two summers ago I discovered that just a couple of jalapeno plants can grow literally hundreds of peppers.  Which works out perfectly for making these pickles.

So here's's amazing Garlic Jalapeno Dill Pickle Recipe:
Fresh Cucumbers, sliced about 1/4 inch thick. 
Fresh Homegrown Jalapenos, also thinly sliced.  (I do about 3 jalapenos per jar of pickles...just depends on how hot you want your pickles!)
Fresh Garlic. 
Dill Pickle Seasoning (I like Mrs. Wages, but use whatever brand you prefer)
White Vinegar

1) Slice the cucumbers and jalapenos and toss them together in a large bowl.  (DON'T remove the seeds from the jalapenos!) 

2) Measure the vinegar and water into a pan according to the directions on the package of seasoning.  (Note that you CANNOT use an aluminum pan unless it is completely covered with a non-stick surface, i.e. no scratches.)

3) Add seasoning to liquid and bring to boil over medium heat.  (I also add a spoonful of diced garlic.)

4) While you're waiting on the pickling liquid to boil, pack your cucumbers and jalapenos into your canning jars.  Toss in a couple of diced cloves of garlic in between the layers of cucumbers in each jar.

5) Once the liquid is boiling, stir well then funnel it into the jars over the veggies.

Here's the cool part... You don't have to cook them!

6) Put the jar lids on and securely tighten the rings.  Then simply turn your jars upside down.  The heat from the boiling liquid will seal the jars, making them perfectly shelf-safe!  And since you didn't cook the pickles, they'll stay nice and crisp.  (If you prefer to process the jars, boil them for 5-7 minutes and they should be good to go.)
Yay -- no soggy pickles!

*Note: This only works if your liquid is STILL BOILING when you pour it over the cucumbers!  After you pour the boiling liquid into the jars, put the lids on and flip the jars upside down immediately, otherwise your jars will not seal.  Test your jars once they are cooled to make sure they are sealed.  If not, keep them in the refrigerator and enjoy them sooner!

7) Allow to cool, then label and store.

So there you have it: my favorite summertime recipe.  A big thanks to Melissa for sharing not only her recipe, but her friendship as well!

Check out this link for even more yummy-licious recipes! 

Now it's your turn... Tell me, what is YOUR favorite summertime recipe?

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