Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just For Fun!

The Kansas State Fair came to town this week, which of course is always a big deal for the locals.  My kids were extra super excited at the prospect of going for an afternoon.  I remember coming to the State Fair a couple of times as kid, but riding the rides was never something my family did.

As a mother, I now understand why we never rode the rides or played the games... Man, are they ever expensive!  We've taken the kids the past couple of years on "Dollar Day," when you get in the gate for a dollar and each ride is only one ticket instead of the usual 3 or 4, but this year we opted even to forgo that less expensive option. 

Which, of course, resulted in many tears at the Logan household.

It broke my heart to disappoint them, but we just couldn't justify spending the money on rides and deep-fried junk food when we were still dealing with the plethora of home repairs that God has blessed us with of late.  (Read all about those in last week's post, Kneading the Dough.)

I assured them that the fair would be back again next year with all the same rides and all the same food vendors.  Even Dollar Day.

They didn't seem to appreciate my assurances.

So today we had a Fun Fair Foods Day at home!  Complete with chili dogs, fried dill pickles, funnel cakes and chocolate covered bananas.

Keep in mind that I NEVER fry anything, and we usually try to limit dessert to once or twice a week (certainly never two at the same meal!).  But tonight when they asked if they could have both funnel cake AND a chocolate covered banana, I got to say "Yes!"

It was really fun!  Saying, "yes," that is.

And the food.

Yep, it was a pretty fun night all around.  We even shared it with some good friends.

I guess my point in writing all of this is to tell you that it's okay to "miss out" on some of the high-dollar entertainment opportunities.  It's a good thing, even!  Yes, the fair is fun and no two years are ever alike, but the whole point of going is to make memories.  And I would bet the kids will remember the night Mom made funnel cake at home -- even tried to write their names with the batter -- far longer than they would a couple of hours of fighting crowds, waiting in lines and sitting on a mini-roller coaster for three minutes at a time.  They had more fun helping me dip the bananas in chocolate than they would have had paying for one at a vendor.

Everyone else at school may be talking next week about what they did at the fair, but my kiddos will be able to tell a different story, one about spending an afternoon making memories with their family.

Sometimes it's not about the money you spend or the places you go.  Sometimes it's just about finding something to do together, just for fun.

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