Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Persevering For Today

I spent last weekend ministering to and with an amazing group of a little over 200 women.  We worshiped together, cried together, and found freedom through Christ together, many for the very first time.  What a tremendous work God has done and continues to do through the Women's and Men's Encounter ministries!

I came home Sunday evening exhausted from the weekend, having slept very little and having poured myself out emotionally and spiritually for 2 1/2 days.  I came home ready to curl up on my couch and REST.

Unfortunately, while I was off at my Encounter weekend, life continued on as normal at home.  Which means that my four children still generated dirty laundry, had school projects to work on and needed to be fed.  My husband did a fantastic job of cleaning up after them for the weekend, but he had his own work to do so things like laundry and grocery shopping were left undone.  And about the time I got home, it was time for him to head to the church to be a youth coach, which left me with three hungry kids and an empty fridge.


Couldn't the world just stop for a little while?

Monday was a national "holiday," so at least I had the day off from my paying job, but the kids were also home from school.  Which means no napping for me.

And about the time we got everyone settled into bed and I was ready to slip off to dreamland, my daughter opened her door and announced, "Mommy...I threw up.  A lot."

Bigger sigh.

So instead of snuggling in under the covers of my own bed, I spent the night on the couch where I could hear her if she needed me, which she did...nearly every two hours.

And then I discovered early the next morning that my oldest son had no jeans to wear because I had forgotten to empty his hamper into my laundry piles the day before.  So I sent him off to school in shorts, apologizing because it was a chilly 40 degrees outside.

BIG mommy failure moment.

Lord, I spent three days focused completely on you...can't you cut me a little break now that I'm home??

Hebrews 12 tells us to "run with perseverance the race marked out for us," and that "we do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith."

I know that verse is talking about our lifelong pursuit of Godliness, encouraging us to not give up trying to live in righteousness even when it gets tough, but to press on toward the goal...the ultimate finish line.  But today the only finish line I am worried about crossing is the one at the end of today.

Being a Mom is HARD, and oftentimes we DON'T get a chance to take a break.  It requires a great amount of perseverance to keep doing what our families need us to do even when we're short on sleep and energy and motivation.  But like the author of Hebrews tells us, we find that perseverance by focusing our mind and our hearts on the Lord.

So...let me encourage you today: When you find yourself running on empty, wondering how you're going to take your next step, let alone keep up with your kids and all that they require, fix your eyes and your mind and your heart on Jesus.  Remember that we do all the things we do for our families not only because we love them, but because we love the Lord.  Focus on HIM, and let Him supply all the energy and motivation you need to press on toward your goal...even if that goal is just tonight's bedtime.


  1. I Praise God for your work and teachings at Women's Encounter. You bring new perspective into the Scriptures and challenge me to look again. Thank you! There are days when I miss daily being a mom since my own kids are grown and gone. Reading this reminds me to be thankful for what ever stage of life I find myself. Katie Ruthi

  2. Thank you, Katie, for blessing me with your encouragement today!


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