Monday, December 30, 2013

God IS

Being the mother of four children, three of which are boys, I am well-versed in the fairy tale of Peter Pan.  There is a scene in the original play by J. M. Barrie that depicts Tinkerbell, Peter's faithful yet mischievous fairy, as her light (a.k.a. her life) is fading away.  The audience is called upon to profess their belief in fairies, thus saving Tinkerbell and restoring her to life.  Her lifeline is tied directly to the belief of others in her kind.

Sometimes I think we Christians act as though God is much like Tinkerbell, that His power and existence are somehow tied to humanity's belief in Him.

Oh, we may not profess to believe that.  In fact, some of you are probably up in arms by that statement.  In our heads we know that God doesn't need us to believe in Him in order to exist.

But do we know that in our hearts?  Enough to dictate how we act and react to the world?

Do we really believe in the Great I AM?

Read more about this on in my article The Unchangeable I AM. (Title is link to full article.)

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