Friday, January 24, 2014

Perfectly Adequate

"There is no inadequacy that God cannot make insufficiency that He cannot make sufficient."

Dr. Ed Hindson, a Christian teacher and author, spoke those words on a video I was watching this morning.  They pierced right through to the heart of this girl who has struggled with feeling inadequate for much of her adult life.  The truth of these words resonated deep in my soul, meeting there a longing for purpose and challenging the nagging lie that I am not -- nor will I ever be -- adequate to fulfill any kind of purpose that God might have for someone like me.

You see, I have never been the kind of person that makes a long-lasting impression on other people.  My face is not terribly memorable, nor have I accomplished much that would gain me any sort of notoriety.  As much as I want to be that girl who stands out in a crowd, alas, I am usually better at blending in.

And so I approach my life as a Christ-follower as if I'm just one of the crowd.  As if in order to get God's attention, I'm going to need to do something big, something spectacular.  But what?  And how?  What have I got to offer that would be magnificent enough to turn the head of the God of the Universe in my direction?

After all, I'm just li'l old me.  Nothing spectacular about that.

And then today I heard Dr. Hindson's words...
     There is no inadequacy that God cannot make adequate.

I followed him to Psalm 139, verses 1-5 where I read these words:
     "O Lord, you have examined my heart
         and know everything about me. 
     You know when I sit down or stand up.
         You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. 
     You see me when I travel
         and when I rest at home.
         You know everything I do. 
     You know what I am going to say
         even before I say it, Lord. 
     You go before me and follow me.
         You place your hand of blessing on my head."

I have read verse 13 of this chapter a hundred times, at least. ("You have formed me in my mother's womb...")  But I confess, this is probably only the second or third time I have backed up and read the first five verses. (The only reason I know I've read these verses before is that I have verse 5 underlined!)  And let me tell you, they blew me away.

Because they tell me that not only am I not forgettable, as I imagine myself to be, but God has been with me every step of my life.  He has seen even the smallest details of my life, he has heard every thought that has been through my head (yikes!).  He has gone before me to make a path for my life and He has come behind me to see where I've been.

I have not only been noticed, I have been the focus of His attention.

And the best part... He has placed His hand of blessing on me.  God blessed me!  Li'l old me!  And when you read through the Old Testament and discover the depth of a father's blessing on his!  God didn't just put His hand on me and say, "bless you, child."

He poured out His favor over me and spoke His purpose into my life.

I am not forgotten or overlooked.

And whatever inadequacies may be woven into the fabric of who I am God has made perfectly adequate by that blessing.

My friend, the same is true of you.  You may feel as if you have nothing to offer, as if your talents and your personality aren't sufficient to do any significant work in God's Kingdom.  But please listen to this truth: God has poured His blessing out on your life, and in doing so He has given you a purpose.  He has filled in all the gaps, all the inadequacies that would keep you from fulfilling that purpose.

If your soul is thirsty for that truth today, spend some time letting it wash over you and minister to you.  Re-read Psalm 139 and choose to believe what it has to say.  Let it heal the brokenness that has come from not feeling significant.

But don't rest forever.  Claim the promise of a purpose for your life and trust Him enough to begin pursuing that purpose.

Trust Him...for there is no inadequacy that He cannot make perfectly adequate.


  1. I had a conversation with the Lord this afternoon and told Him how totally inadequate I feel about where He is leading me. How crazy that I found this waiting in my inbox! This is perfect! Thank you for being so open to the Holy Spirit and sharing!

  2. Genessa, thank you! Isn't it wonderful to go where God leads us when we know that in our weakness, He is made strong?! I hope you will embrace that truth and follow Him wherever He is calling you to go, and then stop and marvel at the wonderful things He is doing through you!


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