Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Press On

Hello, friend.  How's your walk going this summer?  Is there a spring in your step and a song on your lips?  Are you walking side-by-side with the Spirit, enjoying His company as you walk, taking your cues from Him?  That is such a sweet and joyous place to be, even if the road you're traveling is a little rocky.

Or are you weary and worn out from your journey, beaten up by the storms you have weathered recently?  Have the demands of the journey sapped your strength and squelched your desire to keep going?  Have you lost sight of the Spirit, leaving you feeling lost and ready to give up?

Oh, my friend, if this is where you are, let me encourage you with a piece of Scripture that the Lord has pressed upon my heart these last few months.  For I have walked where you are now walking.  I have felt in my bones and in the deepest part of my being the weariness that you now feel.  I have known what it is like to be discouraged to the point of giving up, to feel as though I have given every ounce of what I had to give. 

I, like you, have been worn out, lost and hopeless.

Praise God that He has promised never to leave us, never to abandon us!  And praise Him all the more that He is a God who keeps His promises!


Here is the promise He led me to, the promise I have clung to and that has become my anchor these past few months:

Hosea 6:3 ~
Acknowledge the Lord.
Press on to acknowledge Him. (italics mine)
As surely as the sun rises in the east, He will appear.
He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.

"Acknowledge the Lord.  Press on to acknowledge Him."  In the midst of our trials, our weariness, we must continue to acknowledge the Lord.  To confess with our lips that he is GOD, the King of Kings, the Ruler of all.  To live in obedience to His leading.  Even when our hearts don't want to join in, we must continue to acknowledge Him.

But it won't be easy.

Why else would there be a need to "press on to acknowledge Him?"  To press on: to keep going even when we think we can't.  To muscle our way through the exhaustion.  To keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when our legs are aching and weak.

I used to be a jogger.  I loved to go out for a two or three mile (sometimes more!) jog.  Some days were hard, though, and I would hit a point where I didn't think I could go another ten feet, let alone another mile.  It was like I hit an invisible wall that was trying to press me backwards.  But I learned to keep pushing - to press on - and break through that wall.  I almost always ended up going farther than I thought was possible.

"Pressing on" is not easy.  To press on in our faith we must be intentional.  We have to choose to continue to acknowledge God.  We have to do it on purpose.  It will require energy that we think we don't have.  It will require that we refocus our thoughts so they dwell on who God is rather than our circumstances.  To "press on" is hard work.

But here is the promise that follows this difficult instruction:  "As surely as the sun rises in the east, He will appear.  He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth."

Press on and you will see God.  Press on and He will appear.  He will not stay hidden - you can count on it, just as surely as you can count on the sun coming up in the east! 

God WILL appear!

And when He does, He will bring refreshment to your life just as the rain brings refreshment to the earth. 

No, more than that - He will bring renewal.  He will bring LIFE.  Just as the rain brings life to the seemingly dead plants in springtime, so will God bring LIFE to your weary soul.

He will come, and He will bring new life.  That's a promise you can cling to, a promise that you can anchor your faith to.  It is a promise God will keep.

Last spring I was led to this verse as I prepared to teach at a women's tea at a local church.  I loved the verse and what it promised, but little did I know that God would prove Himself true to this promise in the months to come.  I had no idea how desperately I would need this promise.  I still marvel at how God works to provide for His children, how He planted that verse in my head well in advance of the time I would need it as an anchor in my heart.

My family has experienced some circumstances this summer that truly tested our faith.  They pushed us to the point of mental, emotional and spiritual weariness where we felt as though our feet were made of lead and we were unable to drag them forward for even one more step.  But in those days and weeks, God reminded me of Hosea 6:3, (in fact, it rarely left my mind!)  and my husband and I - on behalf of our family - continued to press on in our faith.

Still, we are continuing to press on.  But let me tell you, we have begun to see the Son rising in our home! The Spirit has begun to reign in our family and we see evidence of new life in every corner!

God is faithful, my friend.  Be encouraged today as you press on to acknowledge Him, that He is a God who is true to His Word.  Keep pressing on and know that "as surely as the sun rises in the east, He WILL appear."

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  1. Praise God! Love reading this! :) Pressing on here, too! :)


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