Faith Walk

If there is anything in life that pulls at my heart more than my husband and my kiddos, it is my God and my relationship with Him.  This is the part of my blog where I get serious about digging into His Word and pursuing a steadily growing faith in my Lord.  Join me as we enter into a conversation with Him and listen to what He has to say.

The Moment That Changes Everything 

Press On

The Playdough Principle: Five (Short) Lessons On How To Be Playdough

The Playdough Principle: Finding Purpose in Adversity

In the Desert, Part 2: The Desert of Adversity

In the Desert, Part 1: The Desert of Bad Choices


A New Name 

Wrestling With God 

Joy Will Come 

God IS 

The Eyes of Jesus

Loving the REAL Jesus

Falling In Love With Jesus

You Are What You Read  

A Lesson In God's Sufficiency 


Kneading the Dough 

Our Definition Of Sin 

Everyone's Critic

The Answer Is In Jesus 

Drink Deeply 

Are You Listening? 

Pursuing God Through His Word 

No One Like Our God 

The Pursuit of Happiness 

Filling Our Emptiness 

When There's Pain In the Offering 

Choosing To Trust 

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