Speaking Engagements

Over the last few years, God has put some very definite messages on my heart that I feel Him urging me to share with others, especially women.  Specifically, I feel God asking me to share with women their infinite worth in His eyes, as well as to encourage them in their marriages.  I am also compelled to teach what it means to really pursue God in all of life through His Word, through prayer, and through the leading of the Holy Spirit.   

It would be my privilege to share with groups of women by being a guest speaker or session leader for a women's conference, retreat, or Bible study group.

What I have to offer...

I can provide full-length (30 to 45 minutes) sessions which include personal testimony, Bible teaching, and real-life application. 

He Is Enough
*When the World Says You Aren't (Finding your true worth)
*To Slay Your Giants (conquering adversity)
*To Close the Mouths of Lions (dealing with gossip)
*To Take You Through the Fire (surviving trials)
*When You're in the Desert (surviving a spiritual drought)
*When Life Is Overwhelming (learning to focus what is truly important)
*When You're Lost at Sea (finding your purpose)

Also available:

*Pursuing God
*Discovering the Holy Spirit
*The Scrapbooker's Guide to Parenting
*The Recipe for Love (Loving your spouse with heart, soul, mind and body)
*Suiting up for Spiritual Warfare
*Growing Through Adversity

Depending on your event, you can select any number of sessions to fit the needs of your women's group.  For a smaller-scale situation, I can provide and facilitate shorter versions of the above sessions in small group discussion format.

For a more personalized format, I could customize a session based on your event's theme and/or scripture selection.

If you would like more information about me speaking for your event, please contact me at angielogan2@gmail.com.  In addition to travel expenses and lodging arrangements (if necessary), I would request a nominal speaking honorarium based on the number of sessions you would like me to provide.