Wedded Bliss

This is the place where we talk everything marriage, and the only things sacred are the vows you made to your spouse on your wedding day!  Which means we're gonna jump in and talk about some topics that might be a little difficult.  Or awkward at times.  Or even in-your-face.  But they're going to help you make your marriage stronger, more God-focused, and oh-so-much sweeter. 

Love...With All Your Heart

Crock-Pot Marriage 

Why I Hate Valentine's Day   

A Submissive Wife: I have to do WHAT?


Tongues of Fire 

Sexual Addiction: Roadblock to Intimacy 

Three's a Crowd 

Happy Anniversary, My Love

The One Flesh Relationship: Loving Each Other

One For the Guys

The Recipe For Love  

So This Is Love Part 1

So This Is Love Part 2: An Enduring Love

Changing Expectations

A Hard Workin' Wife

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