Who IS Angela, anyway??

Yes, who am I?

I guess it depends on who you ask...

To Scott, I am "Wife."  And Friend, Confidante, Love of my life.

To Max, Sam, Emma and Aaron, I am "Mom."  And Chauffeur, Housekeeper, Chef Extraordinaire, Nurse, Referee...  But mostly just "Mom."

To myself, I am "just me."  Imperfect, terribly flawed and just doing my best to leave my mark in this world.  

And not really my mark, so much as the imprint of my Savior.  

Because to Him, I am: Redeemed, Loved, Gifted, Beautiful and Purposed. I am His Masterpiece.

If you want my credentials, here are those, but really, the most important thing you need to know about me is that I am a Daughter of the One, True King, surrendered to His purpose for my life and determined to speak out on His behalf:

Where I came from:

  • I grew up in the little town of Greensburg, Kansas where I learned to love small-town values and dreamed some big-city dreams.  
  • I attended Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri and graduated with a degree in Biblical Literature and Music Ministry.  
  • For eight of the last sixteen years I served next to my husband in located ministry.  
  • Several years ago we returned to small-town Kansas where he teaches junior high and high school music while we continue to minister through our local church.  
  • I have also had the opportunity to teach groups of women through a ministry called Women's Encounter.

Scripture tells us that we are fighting a battle not in the flesh but in the Spiritual realm, and I have seen far too many casualties as women succumb to Satan's weapons.  I am passionate about equipping women through God's Word to fight for themselves, their marriages and their children.  As I study and grow in my own faith, it is my hope that I can share God's Word with women and encourage them in their own spiritual pursuit!